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Nick Rogozhin migrated to the United States from Russia in 1994. He and his family had few resources and knew very few people to turn to for help. Nonetheless, the family acquired a visitor’s visa and decided to stay in the US because they loved the American culture. In order to survive, Nick had to find a job, but that was challenging because he did not speak the English language very well. Nick mowed lawns and his wife cleaned houses to support their family. Now Nick and his wife are American citizens with a prosperous business and living the American Dream… In gratitude for their good fortune, Nick and his family give back to their community by working with their church to donate food and clothes to those in need.

Thank you for visiting Blue Pools, a family-owned business servicing the greater Sacramento area. The company has three trucks and services hundreds of pools for families who enjoy their time in the sun and water. Blue Pools’ employees are fully trained not only in making sure clients enjoy their fresh crystal clear pool experience, also in providing them with the very best possible customer service.